Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then some…

The Eyes Have It

Bodies come and go and stretch and shrink….but eyes? The windows to the soul? I owned eyes. They were my parts. The ones. Or were they?

Storm in a B-Cup

Heroine chic was all the rage. And while I couldn’t compete with the waifs, I certainly had the chest for the tops I liked. And then I tried on a WonderBra.

Isa- what?

I know what you’re thinking – obviously having been on every diet means that I….erm… needed to be on every diet.

Lulu’s for Lemons

“Comfy”? There’s not a whole lot worse you could call a person, without being straight-out rude! lululemon is the best – and worst – thing to happen to a girl since the invention of lycra.

Almighty Stench

From cloying creams to sickening spritzes, we all reek. And not of B.O. I slather on the deodorant and enjoy a squirt of perfume as much as the next gal. In fact, I’m a product whore! But it’s the actual scents – or should I say flavours – that put me off.

Not a Croc

The thing is, I am and always have been a clog girl. A sleepover camp staple if there ever was one. Until they were banned. ‘Cuz all the girlies (and some boys) were tripping over their feet and spraining their ankles. But still, dragging your heels, clip-clopping along in your clogs…nothing beat it.

Jean Genius

I’ve been wrong before and (gasp!) I just might be again. I was definitely wrong when I said I would never pay over $100 for jeans. HA HA HA HA HA. I blame it on Adriano Goldschmied.