Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then some…

A Word From Your Sponsor

A funny thing happened on the way to the blogosphere…..people started sending me stuff. Free stuff. It was cool. Except now that they’ve paid the bill, I’m expected to, ahem, put out. And I can’t. I’m just not that kind of girl.

Montreal Mon Amour

My man and I love our babes to bits. But we also love each other, which is why we skipped town, hit the 401 and headed to Montreal.

Montreal, je t’aime. Stunning, accessible, and a helluva lot cheaper than Toronto, what’s not to love? Everyone’s got their fave places and spaces. And here are mine…

Gone Fishing

Ferillo. It was Saturday night and the joint was anything but jumping. It was Deadsville. But what the hell! We’d bring our own atmo. We braved the subtle bleachy/worn mop smell and took our seats in the window.

The Happy Hookah

Doing dinner? There’s a new kid in town. Banu: an unpretentious, delicious and totally unique vodka-and-kebab experience. And it has Hookahs.

Other Fish in the Sea

Torontonians love a good patio. And the more they make you feel like you’re anyplace but Toronto, the better. But this place was in need of… something: a cleaning, a paint job, a sponge-down… Anything. The waiter arrived. He, like the patio, was a bit dim…

Outta Lox

I’m always amazed when a seemingly brisk business disappears in a cloud of dust. Sometimes, they make an announcement, or, better still, have a sale, giving us a chance to go in and vulturize the place. Admit it, there’s nothin’ like a good going out of business sale. It makes the bad closing-down news much more palatable.