Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then some…

Scoop on Poop

My 2.5 year old son is toilet training himself. All he needs is a paper and he’s ready for the men’s room.

Food: 10. Service:3.

Head on down to Eleven. And, though there are some, ahem, service issues, the food is DIVINE. Most of it.

Hey Hey Paula

Ooooh, the Idol rants. I want to apologize for those of you sick of this “shizz” (yes that’s a direct quote) and let you know that I will try to hold off further comments ’til the Top 10.

Androgyny Idol

But let’s discuss the boys of Idol Season 7. Mostly forgettable, to be sure. But so many ladyboys! And so many girlymen. I’m not just talking sexual orientation.

It’s a Kind of Magic

It’s the bullet. The Magic Bullet. I’ve been shot. Neither grinder nor blender, cuisinart nor mixer, it’s combo. A sit-on-the-counter, throw-in-your-dishwasher, who-knew combo.