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Friends with Money

I loved all scenes with the gay-straight guy. Or straight-gay guy. Whatever. He was the best girlfriend any of them could’ve wished for. For therein lies my real problem with this movie: I didn’t believe these chicitas were friends in the first place.


In case you hadn’t noticed – or had been living under a rock – it’s been a very Pink month. From staplers to mushrooms to cat food – it’s all about raising breast cancer awareness. Hell – even the NFL got in on the pink action. I happened to look up from my Words with […]

Geek Chic

So it was with great pleasure that I managed to catch not one, but two flicks in the past week. One set in high school, one set in university (ish). One an homage to 80’s teen flicks and one very NOW. And both made me incredibly grateful that I’m no longer a student. Easy A. The Social Network.

MOAM Book Club

Even if you’re not a huge reader, in summertime it’s hard to resist the lure of the page. After all, how many times can you go see The Hangover? OK don’t answer that.

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You

I got over my aversion to Oprah and to daytime TV today. I really let myself go to the edge of the couch for today….For today was DREAMGIRLS day. Yes, it’s true. DREAMGIRLS has arrived. Ish.

Oprah Move Over

At long last, I am giving the people what they want: the eagerly awaited, long anticipated, not imitated: MOAM BOOK CLUB.

Hey Jude II

In the Gala Green Room I brought a tall, leggy blond with me, figuring at least I’d get Mr Jude Law to look my way with such bait. But no dice. Others, yeah. But Jude was a no go. He came, he twinkled, he conquered. Again. And then he was gone, out to join his costars on stage

Hey Jude

Ladies and Gents, I bring you the First Annual Mother of All Mavens, Not-even-close-to-the-red-carpet, All-singin’, All-dancin’ Revue Review.

AKA the who’s nice, who’s rude, and who’s loaded with tude report. With a slice of cinema on the side.

Summer Box Office

Johnny Depp is hot. But Johnny Depp mincing about in drag? More like luke warm. Yeah, he’s funny. Yeah, he’s still watchable, eyeliner and all. And yeah, he does a mean Keef Richards. But I still didn’t want to go. Hugh?! Who knew?! Beneath the board-treading Wolverine lies something truly divine: Hugh Jackman.