Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then someā€¦

Words with Friends

I adore my iPhone. I wouldn’t call myself addicted. I pretty much have the whole etiquette/right time-right place thing down. Or, rather, I did. And then a friend invited me to play an innocent game of Words With Friends…


I feel the need to revisit that little thing called “mobile phone etiquette”. It seems that many of us our lacking it. Big time.

Game On

Many moons ago I bought my then-boyfriend a PlayStation for his birthday. I remember shopping for it; salesmen would light up at the mere idea of their lady-loves buying them a video game. One friend of mine warned me I’d rue the day that I handed over the PS2 – it’d sound the death knell […]

Hello Gorgeous!

I am a woman in love. Completely and utterly besotted. With my new device, the new and improved iPhone 3G. It’s a phone. It’s a walkman….I mean, ipod. It’s a filofax. It’s on-line shopping. It’s a bloody computer and it’s fanf&ckingtastic.

Too Much Information

It is, after all the ’00’s. Call me old fashioned, but I loved that quaint ole thang, my Palm Pilot. ‘Til it lost my life. Now I’m over it.