Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then some…

Coloroso for Dummies

The trials and tribulations of parenting. The love. The joy. The pain….in the ass. It ain’t easy so I take any help I can get. And then I discard what I don’t need. Or want.

Lulu’s for Lemons

“Comfy”? There’s not a whole lot worse you could call a person, without being straight-out rude! lululemon is the best – and worst – thing to happen to a girl since the invention of lycra.


Those crazy Swedes have gone and named nursing clothes Boob. Genius. In name and in nature.

Scoop on Poop

My 2.5 year old son is toilet training himself. All he needs is a paper and he’s ready for the men’s room.

Great Leap Forward

TV=bad. TV=fat. TV=ADD. Until I had kids. Suddenly, there was a new god in town, a new kind of salvation. We called it the television. And just when we’d finally got a handle on the TV situation, my older son asked me for a Game Cube.