Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then someā€¦

Two actors-turned-directors. One, a legend. The other? Not sure yet. It was a night of a thousand movie stars – and something for everyone! From old school classics to tween starlets, the joint was jumping.

First up was this Historical Courtroom Drama by Robert Redford. Set at the end of the Civil War it tells the story of the only woman accused of conspiring with John Wilkes Booth to assassinate Abe Lincoln. If you know your history, there’s no spoiler issue for you. But I was quite shocked by the outcome (US history wasn’t my specialty). Liked, didn’t love. Felt like an episode of The Practice or Boston Legal. Without quirks.

The room was filled with a lot of youngish, actorly types. Think they all may have been in the movie but you can never really tell who’s the actor, who’s the agent and who’s the wanna be. I look for dishevelled hair/hats, scruff or casual footwear on the boys, and abnormally large heads and OTT outfits on the girls. But the ladies in question, Alexis Bledel and Robin Wright, were nothing short of gorgeous. Especially Ms Wright. Still looks exactly the same as her Princess Buttercup days, and happy to boot. As for the gents…all were somewhat underwhelming, and even a bit girlie! Bob Redford (what? Everyone called him Bob) looked a bit womanly. From the feathered hair to the mom-jeans. But I don’t think he really cared. And wee James MacAvoy was sweet and petit. On-screen he smolders, but off? Just a nice young kid. Kevin Kline was very tall and borderline dashing, and – surprise of the night? Justin Long. Normally I find him annoying. But he took it in stride when I told my mother (a great Apple fan) that he was the Mac guy. And then leaned in for a photoshoot. So now he’s my best friend.

Mac Guy 'n Me
MAC Avoy 'n Me

And speaking of Best Friends….
Y’know how I think Matty Damon and I would be tight, given the chance? Guess who showed up to cheer on his real-life BFF??


That’s right!!! And although we aren’t super-tight yet, it’s a start.

All the stars seem to know each other. Rachele Lefevre who ditched Twilight for Barney’s Version was there, as were dimpled actor Greg Kinnear and Precious director Lee Daniels. Jennifer Garner came to support her hubby – magnificent. The whole cast showed up too. Ladies Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively, both of whom towered over almost everyone. I couldn’t get that song from Vicki Christina Barceloooona outta my head. Chris Cooper, Jeremy Renner, star and director Ben Afflek (very nervous, poor guy) and John Hamm. Sit DOWN Ladies. Mind you, he may have the edge on Clive Owen for most Handsome. Very very butch. When he stepped out? Yikes!! One woman actually rushed the stage with some sort of sign, ready to rumble with anyone who stood between her and her man. Kinda weird.

Film was awesome. Edge of the seat. Violent. Tense tense tense. Comes out this weekend so no need for me to rehash the plot. You’ll see it, you’ll love it……

Tall Townies Slouching
2 Boys and a Man

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