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Am finding it hard to remember what day it is. My kids haven’t had school since last Wednesday morning. It’s felt like a weekend ever since (erm…and not necessarily in a good way)….But on to the movies….

The Great White North Hope. Methinks it probably should’ve opened the fest…And would’ve but for Rosh Hashana falling so early. Jew-ish film, high holy day-night does not a good combo make. Well it kinda does, but that’s another blog. Anyhoo…. As you may know the adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s beloved novel won a prize at Venice last week. The Golden Lion. Cub. That’s right. Chosen by kids. Don’t ask. I don’t know the answer. Moving on….
Some great moments in the movie. Paul Giamatti as un-PC Barney is already being touted as an Oscar contender, Rosamund Pike is wonderful as Miriam, his dream woman and Minnie Driver is brilliant as his second wife, nailing the Montreal accent and stealing every scene she’s in. The over 50-crowd LOVED this one. I liked it. In retrospect I like it less, but I’ll live in the moment and just say I enjoyed it, despite being a little too episodic and emotionally fleeting (Barney and Miriam aside).

Oooooh the room. Again, lots of tall beautiful actresses. And Scott Speedman. Funny how the actors are always punes and the leading ladies practically giants. And not just from the heels. Anyhoo….Minnie Driver is posing constantly, whether she realizes it or not (and she’s an actor, so she must). Hand on the hip at all times, aware that eyes are upon her, she’s ready for her close-up anytime, anyplace thank you. And yet….she’s funny. She laughs (big and loud). We like her. Rosamund Pike is breathtaking. Much more so in person than on-screen. Porcelain skin. Can’t imagine she spends much time in the sun…

This erotic thriller is a Korean remake of another Korean film from the 60’s. The Green Room had a handful of folks in there – mostly because the principals are superstars back home in Korea but here not so much. Jeon Do Youn was the lead actress and was very nervous that she was overdressed. Aside from that, it felt like there were a bunch of teens in the room, aping and mugging for the cameras – their own. I kinda loved them.

And so we stayed for the movie – despite alternative plans. And I’m glad we did. Rich husband cheats on his pregnant-with-twins wife with the housemaid. And then all hell breaks loose. Very dark. And by the end very twisted. This flick was good but mostly was so stylish it killed me. The fireplace! The tea cups! The light fixtures! I’ve never seen such a house. And the clothes!! From the maternity dresses to the footwear to the fur-accented coats, every piece was more magnificent than the next. And don’t even get me started on the meticulously prepared trays of breakfasts, wine and cheese platters and dinner plates. There were some pretty steamy sex scenes in there too, some verging on pornographic – WITH sound effects!!! I’m sure many folks left the theatre turned on and horny as hell…I just wanted to re-decorate my house….

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  1. You crack me sister!! Loving the down and dirty goss–and the pics of you with the celebs!! And the reviews of course….lucky girl! Wish I was with you in the green room….

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