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A whole lot o' nothing. And then someā€¦

It’s not Live. Nor is it Monday. But I’m losing track. And getting sleeeeeepy. But better late than never. Right? RIGHT??

Here goes…

First up: POTICHE, which is Francais for Trophy Wife. Set in the late 70’s, Catherine Deneuve plays a bored housewife who must take over the family umbrella business – HER family – when striking workers cause her husband’s collapse. With a little help from her ex-lover, Commie MP Gerard Depardieu, she gets the place back on its feet – and then some. But old-skool hubby gets angry when he returns to find himself the trophy husband. Antics ensue in this wacky screwball comedy.

Did I mention it was French?

The folks behind me were screaming with laughter. I was not. The first half was cringe-worthy pour moi. But the second half came to life. Kitty D was very good – and very brave. She’s playing a woman practically. Her. Own. Age. So props to her for doing so. That said – in the Green Room….well, I can’t really say. She breezed in, asked for sparkling water (“Oh? You have nothing but Perrier? Than Diet Coke”) and left to smoke. C’est tout.

Ms Deneuve

And then there’s Black Swan.

Intense….and beyond.

But let’s talk Green Room.

First in? Winona. Who doesn’t love her, despite all her shenanigans? She’s a nervous little thing. And…erm….quirky. She’s one of those you feel you know personally. And guess what? She thinks she knows you right back!! I had to reassure her that she had every right to be there for photo ops. Yeah, that’ right. Me. Reassuring Her. We then moved on to the topics of “eye boogers” (her words), sweaty pits, and the perils of turning 40 (she’s 38). I told her by rubbing the fabric together, the white marks from deodorant will disappear. And with those parting words she made her way over to RIM’s head honcho to debate the merits of iPhone vs Blackberry. Cuckoo. Loved her.

Imposter Syndrome Ryder & Monsieur Charming

And then they rolled on in…

Barbara Hershey? Big entourage but very pleasant. Vincent Cassell? Hot. And went out of his way to say goodbye apres le film. Charmed I’m sure! Rachel Weisz? Too thin and looked anemic. Ed Norton? Very attractive in real life. Never woulda thunk. Woody Harrleson? Makes no bones about his stoner tendencies. And you could tell. Emmaunelle Chriqui. Who? (Sloane from Entourage)

And then there was Natalie….


Ms Portman was truly breathtaking – in the film and in the flesh. Her people, however, were less so. Yes, this is her movie. Yes, she owned it in every way. And yes, it’s sure to propel her to the next tier. But y’all probably know that already. I don’t really need to add to the hype this baby’s getting. Good for her. Good for Darren Aaronofsky. and super good for the writer. Who’s all of 30 years old. It’s not for everyone, but it’s extraordinary. The music, the ballet, the dark-dark-darkness. And the performances. Especially NP’s. Still…she came in with a slew of press peeps, publicity pukes and secret service-types. C’mon. She’s not Julia Roberts.


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