Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then someā€¦

A funny thing happened on the way to the Green Room….They stopped everyone from going inside. EVERYONE. No photos. No hangers on. No nothing. Why? Because the star of a documentary, here to do press for the film, about him, vanted to be alone. Not Brangelina. Not a Royal or any other visiting dignitary. Not Bill Gates. No, they closed the Green Room for…. Bruce Springsteen.

Huh? Isn’t he s’posed to be Mr Blue Collar Man o’ the People? Guess not. I don’t get it/him. He’s so not my Boss. To sit through a documentary about the making of Darkness of the Edge of Town? Was never gonna happen.

Let’s head into the Green Room – BEFORE the Springsteen lock down…


It’s the 60’s and the Cold War is in full swing. As are the Nazi-hunting operations of the Israeli Mossad. When 3 agents capture and kill the brutal and terrifying “Butcher of Birkenau” they become heroes…. But at what price? Movie is told in flashbacks where all is not as it seems… Lots of BOO! moments where you jump out of your seat. I always crack up with nervous laughter at those times, don’t you? Anyhoo, edge of your seat, espionage thriller. Not the best movie ever, but pretty good…

And in the room….Director John Madden who worked out of my office many many years ago while making Shakespeare in Love. While everyone in the place EXCEPT me worked on the film, he always went out of his way to be lovely. And he still is.

Ready for my close-up, Mr Madden...

Israeli actress Romi Aboulafia is a huge star back home in the Holy Land and was giving my mother pointers on where to go and what to eat when she heads over. Helen Mirren is as awesome as you’d expect. Speaks many languages, does all kinds of accents and is a real lady. Very professional. Looks fabulous and is fabulous. And then there was Sam Worthington. Had we been playing my favourite game of “Actor or Agent” I would’ve lost. Short? Check. Scruffy? Check. Not speaking to others in film? Check. Sounds like an agent, right? Wrong. His Aussie accent gave him away to me – but only because I knew he was in the film. Screen presence through the roof but live? Nothing. Perhaps he didn’t want to be there? Shoulda called Springsteen….

Close your eyes and you'll miss the MOAM photobomber in the middle!

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