Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then someā€¦

You can tell the fest is winding down. At least, that’s how it felt at last night’s gala screenings. The Green Room was chilled for both pictures. Everyone who showed up was friendly and relaxed. A far cry from Bruce “Lock it Down” Springsteen on Tuesday. And the movies themselves…ish.

Peep World.

Bang Bang Club.

Both sound like adventures in porn, don’t they? And in a way, they are. One is named after a sexxx shop frequented by the film’s main character, while the other addresses the question of voyeurism within the realms of the combat photographer.

OK, so maybe it’s a bit of a stretch…

First up: PEEP WORLD.

This comedy comes peppered with an odd assortment of actors – tv stars, comedians, unknowns and Oscar nominees…. An ensemble piece about a dysfunctional family that’s about to become even more fractured when the youngest son writes a thinly veiled account of life with his father and siblings.

Sarah Silverman was first to arrive. Gorgeous in real life. And, as expected, pretty darn funny.

AND she carried a bag of candies on-stage. Who doesn't love her?

Next up, Taraji P. Hensen. Again – beautiful. Awesome dress, awesome toes, awesome ass. And will discuss any of those topics too! Plus she was wearing a ring pop. For real. And then there’s Dexter.

Can't do him justice


Let’s just say the screen does nothing for Michael C Hall. He was charming, funny, friendly. Love love and love. Can’t decide if I want him to be my new BFF (sorry, Matt). Or if I just want a free pass. Either way, it’s all about MC Hall.

And the flick? I expected cheese but was pleasantly surprised. Sure, I didn’t laugh quite as loudly as (ahem) the person sitting next to me, but it was actually pretty funny. It’s no Hangover, but it’s cute. The only trouble is it kinda ramps up…. and then ends. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wanted more. MORE! The writer needed to go another round or two to enhance the relationships, tie up loose ends, and give the movie the ending it deserved. Too little, too late.


This was kind of the opposite – waaaaaay too much story jammed into one movie. Based on the true story of a group of South African war photographers, this one was all over the place. The ANC/Zulu conflict in South Africa. The eve of South Africa’s first fully-open elections. The responsibilities of photographers in combat zones. Race movie, buddy flick, love story… It was everything – and nothing… Which was disappointing – as were most of the accents on-screen.

In the Green Room, however, it was smiles all around. Local girl Malin Akerman celebrated the premiere of the film with her family and friends. She’s intensely beautiful. Almost other-worldly.

Alien or beauty queen?

Ryan Phillippe is taller – and less glum – than I remember. Smiley, pleasant, just happy to be there.

Cute face, shame about the hair.

The rest of the room was packed with South Africans and honorary South Africans. And the guy in the corner who was too hot to be crew, but too “solo” to be cast. And he was funny. Chatting about men in girdles, among other things. Finally, he admitted to being in the film, showing us how to spell his name by pointing the poster. Frank R-a-u-t-e-n-b-a-c-h. The only one who did a solid SA accent on screen. Local talent. There, not here. Shame.

Handsome Rautneblahblah

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