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Bye bye film fest. And hellooooo TV (PVR) Old, new, good, poo….There’s all sorts for all sorts during Premiere Week. Here’s a rundown on everything worth watching (and missing):

BOARDWALK EMPIRE: I’m in. So far. Feels like this has lots of potential. Lots of set-up, but am intrigued. I know everyone loves Steve Buscemi….I love Kelly MacDonald.

THE EVENT: Aliens? Mutants? Conspiracies? What the?!? I kinda liked the pilot. Nothing was as it seemed, it had that “24”-esque font/timeline thing, and it was all just so….trippy!! Trouble is, the ads are backfiring and making me NOT want to watch it. So pushy with the faux water-cooler intrigue talk. But I’ll give it a second chance.

GLEE: Great self-mocking doc at the start, good songs (A Chorus Line anytime) and – Coach Beiste! Not as perfect as its hype suggests, but with voices like these, who needs interesting story-lines and proper character development? Even when it’s bad, Glee is good. Besides, so many fancy guest stars can’t be wrong: Gwyneth! Javier Bardem! Carole Burnett! Erm…Brittney….

RUNNING WILDE: I tried, I really tried. But the visual of the neighbour on the mini horse aside, there wasn’t a lot to laugh at – or with – on this one. Will Arnett is a fave of mine, and I was looking forward to this show with the whole Arrested Development connection, but my smiles were forced. I’d like to blame it on opening night jitters, and might give it one mroe shot. Or not.

MODERN FAMILY: Now THAT’s funny. This show has me howling (and over-identifying) week after week. Even with repeats! This week was no exception. I know it can be a bit soft, but so what? Between Phil, Cam & Manny I dare you not to laugh. Out loud. Every time.

COUGAR TOWN: I tried watching last year. And hated it. I tried watching this year. And hated it.

30 ROCK – Again, fancy guest stars (Matt Damon!!!), clever writing, Alec Baldwin. LOVE. No catch ups required.

BLUE BLOODS – Friday night is a bit of a TV dead zone. But I had to pvr this one to see if Magnum’s still got it. Yep, Tom Selleck is baaaaack. Thought this was gonna be a family-style Law & Order (not in a good way) but the little plot twist near the end gave me something to think about. Will give it another shot. Or two.

90210 – Yes, I watch it. When my Man isn’t home.

GREY’S ANATOMY – ditto. They always grab you with their edge-of-your-seat endings (It’s George!) (Seattle Grace shooting spree!). And that’s it. Trouble is I’ve been watching since day one and I can’t tune out now! Especially since it’s the last season. OK, I made that up. But it should be.

DEXTER – Oooooh Dexter. Talk about endings!!!!! Again, no spoilers allowed for those watching on snail tv. Let’s just say I am thrilled to be rid of a certain simpering someone. This series, like its star (my new boyfriend), is aging well. Can they top last year’s John Lithgow-as-Trinity season? Am excited to find out…

Since I couldn’t possibly watch EVERYTHING (tho’ lord knows, I’ve tried – a girl’s gotta have a life, right?) I’ve brought my pal The TV Addict for some TV talk. He’s “an avowed TV-head, and what’s more, I’m old-school. Deep down, I still don’t think Fox is a network. Certainly not the CW (sorry Gossip Girl fans!). So I hold out hope for the new TV season each year….” He could go on and on and on. And does. And will. Right here, right now:

“…Right with you on B-Emp, ModFam, Glee, The Event (welcome back Carrie from ER, sans crutches!) and the Dexter. Sure, I’ll miss Trinity. But maybe Julia Stiles will finally live up to the hype that heralded her arrival so many years ago. And if you don’t think about the fact that in real life Dexter is banging his TV-sister, well, now you will. Sorry.

But wait, Tommy, there’s more at the door:

THE GOOD WIFE – of course this is CBS. It’s a good solid grown up show. Everyone needs one of those, otherwise what do we talk to our mothers about when the conversation grows thin? Welcome back Carol from ER, for season 2!

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – Yes, it’s still on. No, it’s not as good now that Paige is gone (for you non-Knots’ers, that’s Nicolette Sheridan). Yes, Vanessa Williams is joining the cast. No, Felicity Huffman inexplicably has not left the show. Yes, it still makes me laugh at least once per episode.

THE WHOLE TRUTH – Welcome back Abby from ER, sans hair. We’ll be sorry to see you go. My verdict: Guilty. Of bad writing.

S**T MY DAD SAYS – Just stop after the first word in the title. Apologies, Denny Crane.

RAISING HOPE – This one actually did what the title promised. Quirky characters, with a My Name is Earl feel. And the eerily un-aged Martha Plimpton. Who somewhere along the way found her sense of humour. I clicked ‘all episodes’ for now.

HAWAII FIVE-O – The theme song! Jin from Lost! Boomer from Battlestar! (all those who scoff or question the Battlestar: Summer assignment: Rent the season and scoff no more). James Caan’s son! And a Jean Smart cameo! Oh, and the lead guy. There was action, witty repartee, beach bods, and the promise of digestible weekly episodes that don’t force you to think. It even had the jokey final scene where the main characters reflect and bond. Booked ’em on my PVR.

UNDERCOVERS – Haven’t watched it yet. In my head I’ve been calling it Blart to Blart. It’s got potential, and pretty people.

LONE STAR – Oh yes. The rich oil family infiltrated by the con-man son-in-law, trying to make things right with the small-town girlfriend and the neighbours he hustled before he decided to shift the grift. Jon Voigt as the oil baron patriarch is just as scary as he was on 24. This one is layered, seems smart, and has me coming back for more.

Still to come… NO ORDINARY FAMILY. I liked this when it was animated and called The Incredibles. I will not commish. (Cuz it stars Michael Chiklis from The Shield, who used to star on the Commish)

You missed it… HOT IN CLEVELAND. Jumping on the Betty bandwagon, this very old school sitcom starring the still-cute Valerie Bertinelli, the still-annoying Jane Leeves and the still “oh her” Wendie Malick was Golden Girls lite. Without the bite. Not so “hot”.

Now get those PVRs a-whirring. Don’t get back-logged because In Treatment, Big Love and Breaking Bad are coming back soon!”

PVR users: don’t forget “on this channel, anytime, any day”. No one likes to be cut off…

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