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For the past few months, in lieu of taxis, my Man and I have been grabbing UBER cars whenever we hit the town. UBER is a San Fran-based service that has spread its wheels to Toronto and beyond. And it’s fabulous.

Basically, you download the app, or register with their website. Then, anytime you need a ride you click and they send. You choose whether you want a Black Car (aka Town Car), a 3-row SUV, or a plain ol’ taxi. You’ll get a confirmation text within seconds, followed by a call from the driver giving you the ETA. While they use GPS to find you, you can stalk/track your car so you know exactly how much time you have before it shows up.

Cleaner, more efficient and downright sexier than your regular street-side stinky cab, once you go UBER, it’s hard to go back. They’re a bit pricier (about 25% with tip included) but well worth it to arrive in style (and not smell like diesel. Or someone else’s supper). Best of all, you can “hail” an UBER car from anywhere – restaurant, bar, house or street corner. And you can send your babysitter home in it to if you need to. The GPS ensures everyone gets home safe and sound. It’s your very own, on-call chauffeur!

To sweeten the deal, MOAM readers get a special treat! First time users who register at by the end of Feb will enjoy $20 off their first Black Car ride (valid Feb and March). Go online or download the app and enter promo code: MOAMTORONTO

Your chariot awaits!


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