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Summertime, and the livin’ is…soupy….

That’s right. Hot ‘n bothered? Nothin’ like a steamy bowl of soup to cool you down. I’m serious, by the way. When I was travelling in Southeast Asia a million years ago it was crazy hot. And where were the locals? Not running for shade, but sipping soup. I tried to too. My bowl of pho soon became sweat soup. Not a pretty sight. Or taste. I’m a salt person but that was too much, even for a diehard like me. But I remembered the hot meal/hot weather thing and decided to try it again for the very first time.
We-e-e-e-ll. Not exactly. More like I was out food shopping and ab rav (that’s absolutely ravenous for those not in the know). I’m telling you – starving! And you know the old adage? Not the one about soup but the one about not shopping hungry? Well I’m glad I ignored it today because I discovered the most spectacular soup I have ever tasted. Ever.
I know soup. I make soup. And I rarely buy soup because I’m one of those who tends to sneer at store bought soup, convinced I can make bigger and better soup by myself. There is one exception: Covent Garden Soup Company in the UK. Now that’s fab f&ckin’ soup. But here? Tried ’em all. The best part about them is you end up with a mason jar for your own soups.
Besides, let’s face it, whether you eat soup in summer or not, making it in the summertime is a whole different kettle of fish soup. It’s just gross. And I don’t care how good your air con is. Smelling like soup? Gross in winter. Uber gross in summer. Hot ‘n soupy on the outside AND on the inside? Uh, no thanks.
But back to my discovery! It’s the Soup Man soup! Y’know… the soup nazi. The guy immortalized on Seinfeld? THAT soup. It’s incredible. It’s (ahem) super! I went for Al’s Garden Vegetable and I doubt I’ll ever make my own soup again. Why bother? With soup this good who needs homemade? Not me. On the bag it says it’s “world renown”. Maybe it is. Maybe I’m the last to try it. Doubtful, but maybe. It’s also billed as “what New Yorkers line up for”. They’ve always been a little ahead of we Canadians. And I’m telling you, judging from the veggie one, it’s worth the wait.
Only now you don’t have to. ‘Cuz it’s here. And it’s cheaper here in the Great White North than it is there (or at least on line) (Mind you, it’s worth every penny. But still, it’s nice to know). See? I was so crazy for this soup I even went on to the Soup Man’s website ( It’s kinda funny – funny-strange, not funny ha ha. This guy’s got a cultish following – or so he’d like us to believe. But cheesiness aside (the website, not the soup – tho’ I’m sure there are cheesy ones too) go and check out this soup. (hee hee…grocery humour…)
Once you’ve got it in your hot little hands, waste no time in getting it home. And don’t share it. This bag ain’t big enough for the both of us. Microwave users, be warned: don’t trust the bag. Despite the cooking instructions, you cannot stand it up and go for broke. And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you’re not supposed to nuke in plastic. Gimme a break, I hadn’t eaten all day. But just when I thought it was safe to eat, I opened the door and saw the bag, lying on it’s side. And get this – the soup is so chock-a-block barely anything spilled out. OK, a couple of bits managed to escape and I was left spooning bits of veg from the mic into my mouth—I mean, bowl. So? I couldn’t let a drop go to waste.

Run, don’t walk and pick up some soup. I fear I’m not the only one who’s on to this liquid gem. The freezer was half empty. No, not half full. I’m not so positive when it comes to limited grocery shleves. It was half-empty. And by tomorrow it could be completely bare. Cuz I’m goin’ back to get me some soup!!!

Bon appetite!


Anonymous said…

I can’t believe you bought that soup! I keep seeing it and am ever so attracted to the display (logo, photo, etc) – but then it’s soup in a bag. It raunched me out. Of course I never stuck around long enough to figure out why they were showing the No soup for you episode. It’s all so chrystal clear. Thanks maven – I trust your soup taste. And I still think we could make it better – or at least my mom. Challenge?

7:45 PM

Mother of all Mavens said…

No one – or their mother – does it better. I’m telling you. This soup rocks the hooooose. Embrace the bag and give ‘er a whirl!

8:12 PM

Anonymous said…

The New Yorkers DO line up for it, but be warned– if you buy the bag and then decide you gotta get it from the source (i.e. – take a soup run to NYC) summer soupin’ = no soup for you. The Soupman is closed for the summer months! Nice racket. Apparently, nice packet, too.

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