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It’s official. The biggest lunchbag letdown in showbiz has announced its contenders. Who’s the little gold guy gonna go home with? And does anybody still care?

Yep, it’s Oscar time. So wake me when it’s over.

The Academy Awards has lost its spark. Not that this is news to anyone, but it’s sort of sad nonetheless. Will I still tune in? OF COURSE! But I’ll be bracing myself for the inevitable disappointment. Not because of the cheesy song ‘n dance numbers. And not because of the overall earnestness. And definitely not because of the below-the-line-people’s speeches. In fact, I kinda like those – especially when they thank their families and dead relatives. Those speeches, the death montage and all the tear-jerking sucky stuff I kinda dig.

No, the real reason for the letdown is because every other major award has already been given out, so there really are no surprises. DGA’s, PGA’s, SAG’s. Every critic and their circles. And of course the Golden Globes. It’s like unofficial insider trading to determine who will win the official Oscar race. In fact, nowadays the only way to win an Oscar pool is to correctly guess the short film and documentary categories. For everything else, the work is done.

Still, it’s exciting to hear about Dreamgirls. The most nominations of all. Sure they missed the biggies, but let’s face it, it’s all about Effie. Always has been, always will be. No wonder audiences burst into spontaneous applause when Jenny Hudson belts it out. She’s spectacular. So much so that when asked “Have you seen Dreamgirls?” the only possible answer I could give is “how many times?” (OK, that’s a bit of a spice. Despite my best intentions to go again and again and again, I’ve still seen it but once. But hey, I have the cd – movie and play – in the car. It’s the next best thing to being there. What? There’s lots of flicks out there. Who has time for traders?!)

Looks like Marty Scorcese will finally get his Oscar. Not because The Departed is his best work, but because his time has come. And gone. And come again. And gone. And come again. The Academy loves doing that. Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, anyone? I liked The Departed and I LOVED Marky Mark in it. But best picture? By the end the entire theatre was laughing – out loud laughing – as the body count rose.

Best Actor race has Mr Whitaker’s name all over it. Haven’t seen Last King O’ Scotland. And I don’t really want to. Maybe because I read the book years ago. For work. Back when I used to work. And I passed on it. Didn’t think it was a movie. Oops. But he seems like a nice enough fellow, and that droopy eye always gets me, so Go Forest, Go.

Yes, I know it’s Helen Mirren’s year, but if I had a vote, and if it counted, it would be for Dame Judi. Always. Personally, I think Ms Mirren is a TV actress. An awesome TV actress, but I never can get past Prime Suspect. I also think The Queen is a TV movie. A very good TV movie, but a TV movie all the same.

But what do I know?

I know that Little Miss Sunshine was fantastic. And that Sasha Baron Cohen was robbed (robbed!). And the saying “yah man” in a South African accent is enough to score a person an Oscar nom. And that Ellen is hosting. I also know that I’m rooting for Babel – in every category. (Even the best supporting actress ones that it so deserves but will never get. Don’t tell). And I know that no matter how you slice it, the best song demos always bite. Big time.

Oh who am I kidding? It’s the Oscars….and it’s all about the outfits!

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Anonymous said…

Kelly from the Bad News Bears was nominated!!! I can’t even deal with looking at him he freaked me out so heavily. I can’t decid if it will be Marky Mark or Alan Arkin as they both stole the movie – what do you think? I know everyone says Eddie, but will oscar? And as much as I love Kate Winslet – whatever on the nom. And Will Smith instead of Sacha Baron Cohen in his sickly sweet movie !!! What’s up with taht?

8:05 PM

Anonymous said…

who are you kidding. you’re already stocking up on peppermint patties.

9:28 PM

Anonymous said…

How can you do an entire post about the Oscars and not mention the biggest and best surprise of the entire awards season put together???????? Ryan Gosling (the most underrated actor EVER) was nominated!! Finally!

And puh-leez, enough about Jennifer Hudson. PLEASE, I don’t want to hear her say “it’s just more than i ever could have dreamt, I always dreamed but never this big, blah, blah, blah” anymore…WE KNOW. You are just sooooo humble and so innocent..whatever.

So long as Ryan shows up.

(OK, I feel better now).

10:44 AM

Anonymous said…

Oh MOAM– Babel this! You’re obsessed. And of the noms, it’s certainly the most desrving. And I agree– The Queen? TV-movie all the way. I saw it again, on a plane, and it was a perfect fit. Little Miss Sunshine? What-ev. There’s always an indie that everyone has to get behind because it doesn’t suck as hard as the other indies we go see hoping that the indie is still thriving. Let’s get real– there are very few indies that are actually still indies and because Little Miss S (in a mini-dress) crossed over, it’s everyone’s Little Darling (now there’s a movie ripe for re-make– though I think Dakota– now that she’s ‘growing up’ has likely optioned it– maybe she can do it with Abigail Breslin in the Kristy McNichol part). But speaking of ‘crossing over’ — and to quote… “he feels the Dreams can cross over…” Obviously not. What up with that? Has Oscar fallen out of love with the musical? Dreamgirls is way better than Chicago. Could it be that Hollywood ignored this because of the African American cast? The gay director? The fact that it’s well-written, well-shot, well-edited, well-lit, well-costuned, and well… well-everything. And this is not just because I am an admitted DG-head. Even if it didn’t get the Best Pic nom– Best Director– hello? Do the voters think J-Hud arrived on-screen fully formed? So what makes me happy– Ryan Gosling was excellent, Marky Mark was excellent, I didn’t see Little Children but you gotta love a comeback story. The real oversight: Children of Men NOT in the Best Picture & Best Director category. If anything’s gonna bump the Dreams– it should’ve been this! Looking forward to the medley of the 3 nominated songs though. It’ll be so sad when they lose to Prince. Who come to think of it would’ve made a great James Thunder Early!

12:30 PM

Anonymous said…

okay– so Prince wasn’t nominated– even after wining the Globe. Make way for Randy– and I mean: make WAY. Are they gonna go all cancer-pity and give it Missy Etheridge? Come to my window– and jump out of it!

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