Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then some…


For audiences living in Toronto, only one thing matters: TIFF. And for me, it’s all about who’s in the Green Room. Essentially a glorified waiting room, the Green Room is where the celebs and their peeps stop in to shmooze and grab a glass of liquid courage en route from red carpet to Gala stage. This year finds stale popcorn, ferrero roche truffles… and me!!

LA Woman

finally, this past weekend, I got just that. My Man took me away from all this and we headed West. To Los Angeles. Hollywood, California. Sun, Sand, Sea…Stars! Yes, kids, I went on my very own private Celebrity Safari!!!


Those calls and emails keep coming in – “let’s discuss Idol”. And I do. A lot. But I’ve had some issues.

I’m Up Now

Mouth breather out. Rocker in. 80’s icons on. Now that’s good tv. Just when you thought it was safe….It wasn’t!

Blabber Chat

I had to give ’em something, so a little ramble should satisfy. For now. When the head’s elsewhere, the typing fingers follow.

Old News

Oscar who? Once the Academy has strutted its stuff, once we’ve seen the outfits, the frozen faces, the sore losers, the passed over, what’s really left to discuss?

Oscar Talk

The Academy Awards has lost its spark. Not that this is news to anyone, but it’s sort of sad nonetheless. Will I still tune in? OF COURSE! But I’ll be bracing myself for the inevitable disappointment.

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You

I got over my aversion to Oprah and to daytime TV today. I really let myself go to the edge of the couch for today….For today was DREAMGIRLS day. Yes, it’s true. DREAMGIRLS has arrived. Ish.