Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then some…

Soup’s On

I know soup. I make soup. And I rarely buy soup because I’m one of those who tends to sneer at store bought soup, convinced I can make bigger and better soup by myself.

Other Fish in the Sea

Torontonians love a good patio. And the more they make you feel like you’re anyplace but Toronto, the better. But this place was in need of… something: a cleaning, a paint job, a sponge-down… Anything. The waiter arrived. He, like the patio, was a bit dim…

Outta Lox

I’m always amazed when a seemingly brisk business disappears in a cloud of dust. Sometimes, they make an announcement, or, better still, have a sale, giving us a chance to go in and vulturize the place. Admit it, there’s nothin’ like a good going out of business sale. It makes the bad closing-down news much more palatable.