Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then someā€¦


New year, new you. Or not. Forget about those pesky new year vows. Don’t buy the hype….buy the app! Cut the Rope is here. And it’s fabulously addictive….

Words with Friends

I adore my iPhone. I wouldn’t call myself addicted. I pretty much have the whole etiquette/right time-right place thing down. Or, rather, I did. And then a friend invited me to play an innocent game of Words With Friends…

Hello Gorgeous!

I am a woman in love. Completely and utterly besotted. With my new device, the new and improved iPhone 3G. It’s a phone. It’s a walkman….I mean, ipod. It’s a filofax. It’s on-line shopping. It’s a bloody computer and it’s fanf&ckingtastic.

Too Much Information

It is, after all the ’00’s. Call me old fashioned, but I loved that quaint ole thang, my Palm Pilot. ‘Til it lost my life. Now I’m over it.