Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then someā€¦

The Rock Report

Confession: I didn’t tune into last year’s INXS version. I wanted to, swear! But my Man banned all reality shows from our summer schedule and I complied. Meanwhile, he secretly tuned in and loved it. So this year, after much cajolling from my fellow TV hounds ‘n whores, I jumped on the Rockstar bandwagon. And I’m in in in!

Almighty Stench

From cloying creams to sickening spritzes, we all reek. And not of B.O. I slather on the deodorant and enjoy a squirt of perfume as much as the next gal. In fact, I’m a product whore! But it’s the actual scents – or should I say flavours – that put me off.

Mr. Irritability

Anyone know of another key TV portrait of irritability? Who’s cheesier-in-a-good-way? Who’s so stupid-he’s-genius? Who is that hilarious in the realm of irritable characters? Mr. Drama is amusing, but COME ON – he doesn’t hold a candle to Gob, R.I.P.

Summer Box Office

Johnny Depp is hot. But Johnny Depp mincing about in drag? More like luke warm. Yeah, he’s funny. Yeah, he’s still watchable, eyeliner and all. And yeah, he does a mean Keef Richards. But I still didn’t want to go. Hugh?! Who knew?! Beneath the board-treading Wolverine lies something truly divine: Hugh Jackman.

Home Sweet Home

When I think summer vacation, I think fun in the sun. It’s easy math: Summer + Holiday = lazy days. But throw the family into that equation and what do you get? Work.

Crocs, Crocs and More Crocs

So yeah, every kid and their father seem to have Crocs. Everyone was after them. I snagged a couple of pairs – for boys big and small – and proudly made my way home. Triumphant.