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From Hooters to Hero, our local boy has been crowned king. Yep, the Rossi Posse is celebrating as their victory. Lukas Rossi… Superstar of Supernova. It’s all very exciting.

Or is it?

Of course I’m pumped that he won. He and Stormy were my faves and god knows it was never gonna be Ms Large in charge. Go, Lukas, go. The pursed lips, the strut, the voice – what more could a girl ask?

She could ask for ABD. She could cross her fingers or clench her fists and hope against hope. ABD. ABD. ABD.

Anyone But Dilana.

Hurray! Mama troll was sent packing… into the recording studio with Dave and Gilby to prep for the tour she’ll open. Hell, that’s not so bad. In some ways, it’s even better. Mind you, where are those guys from Rockstar INXS? Besides delivering Honda Elements to non-winners and flogging their soon-to-be-released albums. See? The Survivor curse strikes again. If you win the car, you lose the game.

But alas, I’m surprised. I really thought Tobes would win. Not because he was that awesome. And not because he was that talented. And not because he got the girls goin’. Au contraire…he was “Evs”. But I think the band is too. Thus, a perfect fit. Oh-oh-oh-oh.oh.oh meets a hey-hey-hey. But obviously these boys knew a true talent when they saw one, so Mr Rand heads back to Oz. Dilana screams her way cross country, and the rest is history in the making….

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s face it: when it’s over, it’s over.

Every week, we discussed Rockstar – who’s in, who’s out, who should be in or out. And now it’s done. And who really cares? Aaaah… the fleeting nature of stardom. I didn’t even mention the surprise appearance by Earnie Ernesto Star. Nor the ousting of Magni.

Who? What? When?

Oh. And I forgot something else. Maybe the reason I’m all blase this morning has less to do with Dave and the boys and more to do with someone named Roger. Roger with an “s”. And that bloody PVR that let me down…again!

Honestly, a girl goes out to stalk her movie star boyfriend and returns to find a half-taped reality show. A half-taped reality show FINALE! Was it the PVR? Was it the network? Was it a sign? It couldn’t be the Universe’s way of telling me to get a life, ‘cuz the PVR lets me have a life and watch one too. Harumph.

BUT, again, who cares? Who’ll remember any of these rockers next year? Or next week? Maybe they could do a special where are they now…I’ll be sure to PVR it. Because when –if– I think back to this season of Rockstar, I just might remember the winner and losers. But I’ll never forget how my PVR betrayed me. Again.

PVR. Can’t live with it, can’t cancel it.


Anonymous said…

Don’t blame the PVR– it was Global. Not that I watch “Rock Star: Formerly-Known-As-Supernova”, but my sister, who is hooked, called in a panic because Global screwed up the broadcast and would I please set my PVR a-whirring on the west coast feed (ah, the joys of timeshifting). As for the PVR-snafus you blog of; Someone should probably read the PVR manual BEFORE continuing to disparage my best friend!

9:49 AM

Mother of all Mavens said…

It WAS Global. Damn you, Global! But how could I not blame PVR. Once a cheater… As for the manual – wait, there’s a manual? That’s what my Man is for.

2:24 PM

Anonymous said…

PVRs mess up – it’s as simpleas that. Interface, disasterous – but it’s our only hope ObiOne.

As far as Rock Star goes, Toby matches better, but Lukas is the bomb. Although, I predict he will be dead in 2 years. Not metaphorically either. His life is too much of a mess and he’s already an alcholic – I think that was made clear on the show. Is head-spinning parents will come hunting for his cash and he will afll apart. I hope I am wrong, but hey, I picked him and JD the first weeks!

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