Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then some…

I Want My PVR

Today, there is one less contender for the title of American Idol.

This week’s result show promised to be a goodie – someone would get the boot and we’d be down to the top 5. TOP 5! That’s huge! I know the results show isn’t nearly as exciting as its Tuesday night cousin but still, it’s the one with the definitive ending. Only one small problem. I missed it.

There is a Silver Lining

Elliott’s the never-a-dry-eye guy. He’s the one who overcame it all – illness, deafness, those teeth – to get to the final three. He’s the modest counter-boy who adores his mother. And, of course, he’s the biggest weeper on primetime TV. Who wouldn’t cry for him?

Glee vs The Volcano

There’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon as the 5 grand dig begins. And there was happiness in the air tonight, not just sewage. Because of Glee.


Those calls and emails keep coming in – “let’s discuss Idol”. And I do. A lot. But I’ve had some issues.

Game On

Many moons ago I bought my then-boyfriend a PlayStation for his birthday. I remember shopping for it; salesmen would light up at the mere idea of their lady-loves buying them a video game. One friend of mine warned me I’d rue the day that I handed over the PS2 – it’d sound the death knell […]

Shows Gone Wild

Where have all the good shows gone? Thursday night was line-up night. You need 3 shows for Line-Up. Otherwise, it’s just back-to-back. And that’s a Sunday thing.

TV Times

With my trusty PVR, no show is too lame to at least test-drive. And why the hell not, right? Sure, PVR may be my crack, but with the plethora of new fall shows, it’s an absolute must.

The Rock Report

Honestly, a girl goes out to stalk her movie star boyfriend and returns to find a half-taped reality show. A half-taped reality show FINALE! Was it the PVR? Was it the network? Was it a sign? It couldn’t be the Universe’s way of telling me to get a life, ‘cuz the PVR lets me have a life and watch one too. Harumph.

Another Rock Report

Dilana? Noooooo. How they gave her a standing O last night is beyond me. Yes she got the crowd all riled up, but at one point I wasn’t sure if she was standing or sitting, and that just ain’t right. And it’s not front (wo)man material either. Then again, what do I know? I doubt I’d be a Supernova fan anyway.

Mr. Irritability

Anyone know of another key TV portrait of irritability? Who’s cheesier-in-a-good-way? Who’s so stupid-he’s-genius? Who is that hilarious in the realm of irritable characters? Mr. Drama is amusing, but COME ON – he doesn’t hold a candle to Gob, R.I.P.