Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then someā€¦

Idol Fever. It’s back. And it’s bad.

In a good way.

Auditions are over, so all the saps out there don’t have to worry about Simon being too “mean”. Waah waah, cry me a river. If some sad soul is that desperate to get on tv -and honestly, how else can you explain some of these deluded freak shows – then you’re fair game for Simon’s wrath. Afterall, that’s why they pay him the big bucks right? And that’s why we all tune in.

Hollywood week? Done. Cloying and cheesy to be sure as they group together and doo-wop their hearts out. But it’s only a 2-day affair (for us). And it’s kinda funny to watch them freak out. And they whittle ’em down so fast it keeps you (me) glued. Good tv.

But that’s all the preamble. The real fun starts now: The Top 24. 12 boys, 12 girls. Let the voting begin. My fellow idolheads and I have already discussed our faves. Not an easy task when half these cats are utterly unmemorable – but I suppose someone’s gotta be the first to go, right?

My personal faves? Well, since you asked…

The Backups. I like the Minnie-Mouse girl backup. But I love the Hot Boy backup even more: gorgeous voice, gorgeous face – one to watch in every sense of the word.

The Innocent. You know, the one whose sister didn’t make it? The Michael Jackson/Young Mick Jagger combo? Once he gets a smidgen of confidence, I think he’ll really shine. Let’s hope he’s the young girl/granny choice this season, and not some annoying boy-band wannabe. Chicken Little anyone? Or tracheotomy guy? I shudder thinking about them. Go Sanjaya, go!

The Mean Girl who isn’t. Annamaria? Anastasia? Antonella! She’s The Hot Chick of the group and it seems folks thinks she’s nasty. She’s not. Yet. Her friend was, but she’s been booted. Justice. Get ready for her makeover….re-ow.

The Justin Timberlake Guy. Where’d he come from? No one really knows. But he’s JT’s doppelganger. Voice, moves, ‘do…Question is: will that help or hinder?

Lakisha. The single mom with the crazy pipes. Even the judges got a little welly over her. I love her. Love her!!! Hell, who doesn’t?

Curly Sue. How long will it take her tresses to be ironed? I’m guessing within 2 weeks. She’s quite appealing, with a great voice….but a face for radio. Could be a problem for her.

Jack Osborne Guy. The funny guy. With the funny hair. And a very serious voice. Awesome.

The Guy Who Missed His Daughter’s Birth. Hat’s off to him. No, really, hat’s off. I quite like his voice and think he’ll grow on us as the season goes. If he ditches his toque. If he’s, ahem, receeding, then shave ‘er down and face the music. Just lose the lid.

Sundance Head. With a name like that, who needs another? A bit of a Lucifer look-alike, he’s the booming voice of the gang.

Crying Blond. She’s cute. She’s keen. She cries. America willl love her.

And the best of the rest?

Hmmm. There are some terrific singers whose faces escape me. And a couple of what-were-they-thinkings. And that incredibly annoying chick with the red streak in her hair. And the guy who wipes his eyebrows and calls it dancing. Oh – and the Beat Box guy!!! I forgot about the beat box guy. How cool is he? But can he sing?

I can barely sit still as I await next week’s show. Or make that shows. This ratings juggernaut will be on every Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday for the next few weeks. If the sheer entertainment vaue wasn’t reason enough to tune in, surely the broadcast schedule is. AI is taking over, so why hold out?

Play your pools, and place your bets. All aboard. The Idol train is leaving the station. Will you be on it? Will you have any other choice??

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