Mother of All Mavens

A whole lot o' nothing. And then some…

Fight Club

Despite your best efforts, at some point, your kid’s gonna be the bad guy. And how will that make you feel?

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The big question is, of course, what to buy. And that’s why god created gift cards. I mean really, is there anything better than a gift card?

Halloween 101

Things have definitely changed since I was a trick-or-treater. Where have all the caramels gone? And when did candy get so pricey? And so puny? Two Hershey’s kisses in a mini pack? That’s just rude. Even the-already tiny Rockets have shrunk into mini versions. It ain’t right.

Home Sweet Home

When I think summer vacation, I think fun in the sun. It’s easy math: Summer + Holiday = lazy days. But throw the family into that equation and what do you get? Work.

Crocs, Crocs and More Crocs

So yeah, every kid and their father seem to have Crocs. Everyone was after them. I snagged a couple of pairs – for boys big and small – and proudly made my way home. Triumphant.

Can You Repeat the Question?

I said I was married, two kids. And then the conversation kinda stopped. In fact, it was less a convo than me asking the how’s, where’s and what’s. Answer, answer, answer…Doesn’t anybody ask anymore?

Oops I Did It Again

I of course am mortified. Not only because I caused my child pain, but because these little nasties happened on my watch!!!

The irony is not lost on my husband. Obviously my man would sooner cut off one of his limbs than hurt his children, but he’s somewhat amused by the fact that all these accidents happen – yep, on my watch.

Mother’s Day – But For Real

I learned that my own mother, the queen of the mom/daughter love affair, the biggest promoter of parent-offspring bonding EVER, the Maharaja of mothers would not be there. She was devastated. I thought for sure we were doomed…

Mother’s Day

I say have Mother’s Week. Like Reading Week, or Spring Break, but for moms. That way, the mommies really can have it all: time with their kids, time with their parents, and time by themselves. Apparently that’s what most moms really want – time alone.

Bat Boy

At 6 months, he got his first teeth… Then he went through hell. Fever. Drool. Rash. Pain. More pain. And then one morning, I spotted them. Full on fangs. Who ever heard of such a thing? Fangs first? I had a nine month old Dracula. A Draculito….